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The Toronto Randonneurs are a chapter of Randonneurs Ontario ultra-distance cycling club. We've been riding 200km+ events southern Ontario since 1982.

Randonneurs Ontario is affiliated with the Audax Club Parisien, the parent organization governing the qualification of riders wishing to participate in the 1200K Paris - Brest - Paris Randonnee. The club is also affiliated with Les Randonneurs Mondiaux, which provides recognition for brevets other than Paris - Brest - Paris that are longer than 1000K.

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Mariposa 200km Ride Report by Tiago Varella-Cid

The Mariposa Centenary was an exceptional brevet. Just being a Centenary had its own appeal as opposed to a brevet that can be repeated sometime down the road, but the special edition brevet card and medal was an extra incentive. Years ago, I never had much of an appreciation for medals. Over the years the ones from my youth found their way into recycling as trinkets of little use.That changed with PBP. Here was an event that continues to inspire me even years afterwards, and the medal with it’s individual number is unique.I decided to buy some adhesive rare earth magnets and turned any r...

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Ride Report: Huron Chapter’s Nassagaweya 300km Brevet!

One Awesome 300km Brevet was held this past weekend. The Nassagaweya 300, created by Charles Horslin was ENJOYED and COMPLETED BY ALL 12 RANDONNEURS! This is the first time this ride was scheduled and I can’t wait to do it again! Congratulations to John Cumming, myself (Carey Chappelle), Marc Deshaies, Jerzy Dziadon, Richard Felton, Mike Fox, Mark Hopper, Charles Horslin, Matthew McFarlane, Sergi Tsymbal, Brenda Wiechers Maxwell and Nick Wolfe for successfully completing this challenging 300km Brevet! Now, the Huron Chapter generally likes to add some ENTERTAINMENT during a ride and typically ...

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December Randolist

Toronto Chapter updates: Membership, Awards and the New Year's populaire

I don't know exactly what next year will hold, but I know those folks are going to do their best to keep us riding. Hiya folks! Happy holidays and good tidings to y'all. It seems kinda weird to be sending out a randolist update with everything that's going on right now. But honestly,... continue reading >>

November Randolist

Toronto Chapter updates: Awards, ride sweeps, and a draft schedule!

Nominations for the Randonneur Ontario Awards are now open! Hiya folks! Long time, no update. We're just on the edge of real winter here in Toronto, which is always an exciting time for me. We get to cozy up, put on a little winter weight, and dream about summers to come. --------... continue reading >>

August Randolist

Toronto Chapter updates: Lots of commemoration going on here!

Centenary 200 brevet, commemorative patches and more rides! Hiya folks! August always feels like it's the hight of summer for me. Like, the most summery summer can get. Maybe it's because it's so dang hot outside. Props to everyone who's out there riding the Manatoulin 1200 this... continue reading >>