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Club audax à distance

When asked to socially isolate, to stay away from loved ones for long time, what does an audax rider do?

They ride as they always have. Alone.

We are riders that are commited to socially distancing ourself, to do the right thing. But we're also commited to our sport. If we must be alone in these tough times, let us be alone together.

Learn how to cycle during a pandemic from Cycle Toronto.

The rules

  1. Ride isolated, no stopping, no support. Maintain social distance.
  2. Complete the given route.
  3. Starting locations can be at any point within the route.
  4. Record the ride on Strava, and submit the public activity link for credit.
  5. Long for the day when we can be together again.

These rides are unsanctioned. They are not connected to any official club, organization, or community. We maintain distance.


4. Toronto the Good

Posted on Sat April 10 2021

Our perspective can influence more than our opinions, it informs our actions. Choose the positive over the negative, pick growth instead of stagnation. This route is designed to use the ActiveTO closures.

3. Old Toronto

Posted on Sun May 10 2020

The city changes as time passes. We shape it with our actions, but it shapes us too. Circle the city that once was only to find yourself back at the start.

2. E-Z Loop

Posted on Sat April 25 2020

A circle around East toronto and the Zoo that climbs up the Don Valley in both directions. As we hit the lowest lows, we are reminded that the upward journey is never too far away.

1. Giro del Toronto

Posted on Thu April 9 2020

A circle around the city, a route that hasn't been used in over a decade, roads that were bustling now sit empty.

Join Club audax à distance

If you have completed the current rides and abided by the rules, we warmly invite you to join our club.


RiderDate completedRoute
P. LeissMay 4, 2020E-Z Loop
– distance makes the heart grow stronger –
Club audax à distance

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